OCTOBER 17 2011


You know what is really, really good? Browned sage butter... yummmmmmmm! But, my road to butter deliciousness had one large hurdle, hand-rolling an entire batch of cavatelli. It's my own fault, really, for not shelling out $36 for the Kitchenaid attachment. I instead invented my own process involving a butter knife and two forks taped together around a chopstick. Worked pretty well, although I think my cavatelli weren't quite as delicate as they would be from the machine. Oh, and it took forever...

The dough came together quickly in the mixer and I started rolling it into ropes, then cutting said ropes into 1/4 inch thick slices.

rolling & cutting cavatelli dough

My only feedback here would be to let the dough rest for about 20 minutes before rolling to relax the gluten. Otherwise, it fights you the whole way. Once cut, each slice was stabbed with the butter knife then rolled across the fork tines. Turned out pretty darn good, I'd say!

here's my cavatelli rolling machine

So after doing this approximately one thousand, million times, I had all the dough converted into a massive pile of cavatelli.


argh... my carpal tunnel is kicking!

Now on to the browned butter sauce. Sear sliced Italian sausages in butter until deeply browned then remove from pan. Add lots and lots more butter, sage leaves and white pepper and let that work until browned and toasty. Meanwhile, boil the cavatelli about 5 minutes. Then toss the in the butter sauce along with the sausage coins and a cup grated pecorino romano. As the cheesy butter sauce starts to coat everything, our mouths start to water...

action shot


Served with a favorite Frankies salad of tomato, red onion & avocado, this makes an amazing meal! The butter sauce is subtly sage-y with a rich meatiness from searing the sausages. A sprinkle of parsley freshens it up a bit and the lightness of the salad is a perfect counterbalance. Maybe the cavatelli are a little dense... but they were gone too quickly to really care :)

dig in!

Note to self : get a cavatelli roller because these babies need to be a regular menu item (and I have to make this recipe again, only with cauliflower instead of sausage).

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