OCTOBER 10 2011

As a big fan of brussels sprouts, I am quite disappointed to report that this is my least favorite dish of the cookbook so far. Tossed in a dressing that is nearly 50/50 olive oil to lemon juice, any subtle flavors in the dish are completely overwhelmed. And raw brussels sprouts... not so good it turns out.

shaved brussels sprouts ingredients

Plus, there is the saga of the Castelrosso cheese, my biggest nemesis of this project.
I have been completely unable to find it in Portland (I could buy it online for $30 in shipping. nah). Even the fancy cheese stores know what it is but rarely, if ever, stock it. So, I accepted the friendly advice of the New Seasons cheesemonger and picked up a wedge of Italian Aigos. What I failed to notice is that the substitute cheese was goat's milk while Castelrosso is cow's milk. That, to me, makes the cheeses pretty darn different, even if they have the same texture. So... cheese fail I guess.

finished salads... not my favorite :(

But I don't see how the correct cheese could have compensated for the lemon overload and unpleasant, too-crunchy raw brussels sprouts. I will stick to my charred sprout halves or sauteed sprout leaves from now on, thank you very much.

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