JUNE 5 2011

Tonight we BBQ'd at a friend's and it was the perfect opportunity to make a Frankies recipe! I settled on the grilled corn salad from the "Grilling" appendix. But, there were a few challenges to my plan because before the BBQ I was going on some distillery tours, by bike, and wouldn't be coming back home.

I decided to prep the ingredients I had at home, stop at the store on the way to the BBQ to buy corn and tomatoes, then grill the corn and assemble the salad once we got there. In advance I made the dressing and packed a little container with chopped mint and sliced red onion which then came along with me on my bike.

Luckily for me, I got a ride to the BBQ after the tours and was even able to pawn off the grocery shopping on my hubby (thanks baby!). Once at the BBQ, I tipsily grilled the corn and tossed together the salad. Twas delish! Smokey. Sweet. Salty. Yum!

I love grilled sweet corn and will no doubt make this recipe again. The only hassle was slicing all the corn off the cobs - although the cocktails I was enjoying at the time probably didn't help!

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