JUNE 4 2011

I've already had to make a new purchase for
this project: white pepper. The Frankies swear
it's so much better than black pepper. More elegant,
they say, and the funky flavor stand up well to
their food. Feeling skeptical that I can distinguish
the difference, but am switching nonetheless.

I can't break my only rule on the first day!

Okay, I'm starting with an easy one, here :) I've always been a fan of broccoli rabe. It's bitterness goes so well with garlic, herbs or balsamic vinegar.

This recipe is pretty straight forward. Gently saute garlic in lots of olive oil then crank the heat, add the broccoli rabe, cover and cook 4 minutes. Voila!

And it's delicious. Garlicy and slicked with olive oil. The suggestion is to serve it a room temperature which I quite enjoy. I realized later it is also awesome straight from the fridge.

Somehow it seems less stringy than usual. I think maybe I've always undercooked broccoli rabe because my normal technique involves sauteing for a minute or two just until it looks wilty. And I don't usually cover it, which I'm realizing helps steam the stems while it's sauteing, thereby softening them a bit more. Interesting...

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