JUNE 7 2011

This is one of the few recipes I have previously made. But, as I'm sure I was unable to resist the urge to add something extra and probably didn't use the prescribed amount of olive oil, I am making it again (which is a good thing, because it is excellent!).

I know what you're thinking: a salad with chopped raw anchovies? Could that be good? Oh yes! It's definitely not fishy. The anchovies give it a lovely saltiness that balances well with the peppery bite of the radish. And the parsley freshens up all those intense flavors.

Pretty, isn't it? And it does pair nicely with a cold Clamato Chelada :) I am happy to point out that the radishes and parsley are products of my very own garden (yay!). Next time, I will probably scale back the olive oil a little as I don't think a salad needs to leave an oil slick in the bottom of the bowl. But other than that, this version is as good as I remember.

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  1. LOL I was going to mention the Clamato in the picture


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