JUNE 26 2011

I've been excited about this one! I made the short-cut version a few weeks ago and was so impressed by the difference that authentic Italian tomatoes make in flavor. So good! Four hours is a long, long time to simmer something, but I'm dedicating a large chunk of my Sunday to doing just that. Start by gently frying 13 garlic cloves in one cup of olive oil 10 minutes until nicely browned. Then four 28oz cans whole Italian tomatoes that I crushed by hand are dumped in and the whole mess is simmered for 4 hours, stirring often.

After one hour the house is smelling amazing and by the end of the four hours, I am positively drooling.
The sauce has over-reduced though. It's supposed to result in 12 cups, but I only get 9. Must have been simmering a bit too high. So, I add in 3 cups water and split the big ol' pot of sauce into portions to freeze for future recipes. One cup stays in the fridge for the fava bean pasta I'm planning on making this week. The sauce is luxorious; rich and velvety with a deep, complex tomato flavor. Amazing!

The stovetop needs a little love though :)

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