AUGUST 18 2011

It turns out, stewed prunes aren't just for old ladies. Awesome restaurants serve them too! And oh man are they rich. I was planning to whip up this little dessert while camping last weekend. I bought red wine, a couple pounds of prunes and the mascarpone. But, totally forgot to bring sugar and a cinnamon stick from home. Dang! It was gonna be so perfect. A dozen hungry campers would devour the prunes in no time flat!

Instead, I made a batch a few days ago and it was all up to my dear hubby to eat them. I tried, really I did, but they were soooo rich that I could only eat one single prune before a sugar headache kicked in.

It's a super easy recipe. Combine prunes, red wine, sugar and a cinnamon stick. Slowly simmer 45 minutes then let sit at least 15.

my prunes are stewed!

A dollop of mascarpone in the plate with 6 prunes nestled in is drizzled with the syrup and served. Done!

red wine prunes with mascarpone

I have two solutions to the extreme richness problem. 1) 1-1/2 cups is a lot of sugar. I would try using less... maybe even reduce by half. 2) Use a nicer wine that three-buck-chuck cabernet. Maybe a nice, dry pinot would have been better. But it's hard to spend $$ on a wine then use it for cooking. I do have another pound of prunes... maybe I'll try it again with one of these variations. (probably not)

On the plus side, check another dessert off my list!


  1. I remember this being a good one at THE frankies. Somewhere I read "don't cook with a wine you wouldn't drink." I guess if you drink 2 buck chuck then that rule is flawed.

  2. Are you saying you wouldn't drink the chuck? I'm not too proud!


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