AUGUST 26 2011

For lunch today I made us the Proscuitto with Pecorino Sandwiches. This is a really, really simple sandwich. Bread, prosciutto and pecorino. That's it. It specifically states not to use mayo or mustard as "they just don't add to the experience". I knew it would be important to have super good ingredients so I stopped in at Pastaworks and got some $28.50/pound Italian prosciutto and fresh ciabatta bread.

Each sandwich gets a little less than 2 oz each of the meat and cheese so I weighed out each portion and assembled the sandwiches.

a little less than 2 oz of each topping. 1-7/8 oz to be exact :)

The Frankies do have a few suggestions to "gussy" up the sandwiches if desired. The options are olive oil, a tomato slice and/or diced pickled antipasto items like roasted red peppers or artichokes. I wanted to try it both ways so I left one sandwich as is and gussied up the second one with a drizzle of olive oil and a smattering of diced marinated artichokes. Then cut both sandwiches in half and served us each a mixed plate.

on the left, gussied up. on the right, the original

First I chowed down the original version. The meat and cheese really shined... but overall it was a little dry. On the second one, the olive oil and artichokes added that needed moisture and also dramatically changed the whole profile of the sandwich. We both loved both... yum! I bought enough prosciutto for 4 sandwiches, and we've already decided to have a repeat for lunch today. Thinkin' I just might gussy them up in a whole new way :)

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