AUGUST 20 2011

I had one ripe tomato from my garden and I knew exactly what I was going to do with it... BLT's!!! Following the advice of a friend very familiar with The Frankies, I baked a batch of no-knead bread for the sandwiches because "fresh bread is key!". My bread came out pretty dang good. Slightly flattened with a chewy crust and soft interior.

no-knead ciabatta with huge air bubble!

Next, I baked the bacon as directed. It was supposed to have "a little chew to it". But, after assembling the whole thing, I was a little grossed out by the "chew" to the bacon so threw it under the broiler for a few more minutes until it wasn't totally rubbery.

The bread was slathered (and I mean slathered) with mayo, 1 tablespoon per side. Again I did not use Hellman's brand but, as previously stated, am not penalizing myself for that.

slathering with mayo

Finally, my lovely tomato was sliced and seasoned and I was ready to assemble!


the B, the L and the T ready to go!

The final sandwich was a sight to behold. Stacked high with delicousness.  We both knew immediately that this was gonna be a messy meal.

BLT deliciousness

I had intended these to be lunch, but a huge breakfast and a busy day conspired to make it sandwiches for dinner. But neither of us complained! Can't talk, eating.


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