AUGUST 6 2011

First off, string beans are the same as green beans and they are delicious. This recipe is very simple and really highlights the flavor of the veggie. My only mistake here was shopping at Costco... so I ended up with a HUGE plate of green beans, way more than three people can eat. But, I will snack on them all day tomorrow, cold from the fridge (yum!).

There are basically three steps to this dish: (1) gently saute garlic in olive oil for about 8 minutes to flavor the oil, (2) blanch the green beans, (3) toss them all together! The recipe recommends eating the beans at room temp so it's a super good recipe to make ahead then just let sit on the counter and infuse with garlicky oil until dinnertime.

gently simmer the garlic in olive oil

These are some damn good string/green beans. Loving the garlicky oil! There was, like most Frankies recipes, a slick of oil pooled in the bottom of the serving dish, but I can see it making a yummy salad dressing or dip for bread.

infused beans, ready to chow down!

Side note: this was recipe #30... so I'm 1/3 of the way through the book! Next up I think will be something big and extravagant like the Meatballs or the Slow-Roasted Rib Eye.

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  1. I must say, good writing. My first question when reading the title was "what the heck are string beans?" You answered that straight away.


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