JULY 04 2012


It's may only be Wednesday, but it's a holiday! Which means no work and plenty of leisure time to enjoy a yummy breakfast in the backyard instead of boring old peanut butter toast at my desk. These chard omelettes had been on my mind since first flipping through the book; they just look so lovely! And the saffron element intrigues me quite a bit.

I plucked some radiant chard straight from the garden which then simmered gently with potato and saffron until soft and luscious. Stir in garlic and lemon juice and, with a dash of salt & pepper, the filling is complete.

Eggy-weggy time! Whisked with some milk and lots (lots!) of herbs, they are light and fragrant. I went above and beyond Mr. O's list of suggestion and threw everything from the herb garden into the mix. Only leaves on this board not from the garden is the cilantro... which always gives me troubles so I've long since given up trying to grow it.

The egg mix is treated much like crepe batter; spooned into the pan in a super thin layer and cooked until just set. One, two, three eggy layers and we're ready to eat. Smells so herbal and scrumptious!

Now I normally don't like this style of omelette where the eggs are cooked into a "skin" and wrapped around a separate filling. Never seems like the two parts really merge and the goodies always fall out of the egg. But the creme fraiche glue and folding technique seemed to solve most of these issues and they turn out to be just fabulous!

Love, love, love the herb-laced egg layer. So fresh and so clean, clean! The filling complements nicely as well, although the saffron contributes little but a pleasing orange hue and light, light floral note to the filling which is nearly lost with the herbaceous omelette. Still killer. I might just have to make these babies again!

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  1. Can you come over and make me one please. I am seriously hungry and that is mouth-watering!


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