JULY 04 2012


So... I didn't do this recipe exactly correct. I was gonna, I swear, but then something in my brain convinced me it would be better chopped up as a crostini for the BBQ, so that's what I did. I still think it counts since it most definitely tasted just the same.

This is one easy recipe. Just boil asparagus until tender then dress with a mix of grated hard-boiled egg, capers, olive oil and salt. As a side dish, they would look lovely next to a juicy, flame-broiled steak or a nice wedge of salmon. But today, they were diced and served on toasted crostini. Still yummers! Asparagus and egg go together like peas and carrots.

My biggest gripe being that grating hard-boiled eggs is stupid. They just crumbled in my hand and ended up with weird, cheese-like strips that grossed me out. Just roughly chop the damn things and be done!

cheese or eggs? you decide.
not quite the same... but still tasty!

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