JUNE 12 2012

Husband ~ "What's for dinner tonight, dear?"
Wife ~ "Just whipping up some mixed beans with many spices."
Husband (perplexed) ~ "Huh?"
Wife (pointing to recipe) ~ "See... Mixed Beans with Many Spices!"
Husband (more perplexed) ~ "Like curry?"
Wife (uncertain) ~ "Um... I think so... Here! Have a margarita!"

Turns out it is like curry... very much like curry. I mean how could it not be with cumin, coriander, cardamom, turmeric, clove and black pepper? Not sure why Mr. O insists on calling it "mixed spices". Guess he didn't want to incite anger in the segment of the population that takes curry accuracy very seriously. Anyway, whatever you call it, it is tasty.

flowering pea plants

And, one type of beans came directly from our backyard just minutes before I started cooking. The snow peas are usually and promptly munched straight from the bush, but I was able to find enough to fulfill the pea portion for today.

pooch - "what's so interesting about these flowers you're taking pictures of?"

Apparently, snow peas + fava beans + green beans = mixed beans.

I bought this much fava beans, hoping it was enough
which amazingly enough yielded exactly the 1-3/4 cups needed. I am awesome!

mixed beans

I chose not to do a second shelling of the favas because the skin doesn't bother me that much and they were going to simmer for 20 minutes to soften. Plus, I am quite confident Mr. O didn't shell his either based on the following finished bean comparison.

see! both our favas have wrinkles from the outer skin being left on. I knew it!

But first I sauteed diced onion and garlic with the "mixed spices" listed above until smelling delicious. Then in went all the beans and diced tomatoes. I unfortunately realized as I was dumping in the can of tomatoes that they were "Italian-style".... oops. Oh well! Guess today's mixed spices include oregano!

After 20 minutes of simmering, the beans are tender and everything has melded nicely. Looks good! I don't have lovage, but since Mr. O says it tastes strongly of celery, I decided to chop celery leaves to stir in at the end. Maybe not as pungent, but still worked, I think.

celery leaves

Served simply with white rice and a glass of red wine, these mixed beans are darn good.

mixed beans are done!

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