I was never really that excited about this recipe. But it looked easy and I had all the ingredients, so it was dinner tonight. It turned out to be THE worst recipe in the whole book so far. I was so grossed out after only a few bites I had to push my plate away. What the hell is this slimy bowl of flavorless gunk? After sooooo many amazing meals, I was a little shocked by the complete crap of this one.

I can't even blame any one part... they were all so bad. My previous opinion of cheese broth holds true; greasy & watery with a weird cheese funk. Not something I want to slurp down in cupfuls. The ravioli filling did have good flavor, but needed a binder cause as soon as I cut into one, all of the sweet potato burst out and dissolved into the crappy broth (which actually improved it marginally).

But, lets back up a little.
Before I knew I would only actually eat a few bite of this meal, there was work to be done. First roast a couple sweet potatoes 1 hour until tender. Then mix the flesh with honey, 5-spice powder and salt. Use this to fill wonton wrappers, making half-moon ravioli. With help from hubby, the normally annoying task of making the ravioli flew by with ease and soon we were moments away from dinner.

roasted sweet potatoes
one... two.. three... ravioli!!

field of beauties

It all happens pretty fast from here. Gently saute sage leaves in butter until aromatic then add the cheese broth and bring to a simmer. At this point, drop the ravioli as they only need to cook for 3 minutes. Once floating, transfer the ravioli to serving bowls, top with a ladle of cheese broth and sprinkle with green onion.

First sip of broth: "err... not much flavor." Second sip: "umm... maybe kinda cheesy?" Third sip: "do I really want to eat this?" The executive decision is made to coat everything in grated pecorino romano in a desperate attempt to make it palatable. But, after a few bites, the slimy pasta dissolving into the greasy, watery broth leaves me cold and I am done. As a last ditch effort, I pour out the broth and top my remaining ravioli with a scoop of tomato sauce. Still not anything I want to eat... this sucks :(

doesn't even look that good... does it

blech. worst. meal. ever.

Needless to say, I will not be making this again and the only thing cheese broth is good for is as a base for polenta (where it actually works pretty well). I think including an egg in the ravioli filling might give it a better texture but, as is, it is totally indistinguishable from the limp wrapper leaving the whole meal one big, slimy mess.


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