DECEMBER! OH CRAP! I was already stressing about getting everything done before the gluttony of Thanksgiving and a lovely trip to Cali delayed me even more. But, rest assured, it was totally worth it. I mean, I love Thanksgiving leftovers more than just about anything so no way I'm cooking anything else. And seeing my little sis graduate from grad school was just about the best thing ever and fully worth any delays (love ya, sis!).

But that leaves me with less than a month and, after today, 27 recipes. EEEP! We can eat nothing but Frankies from now on! I am reserving 9 of them for the Grand Finale Sunday Sauce Party, so will not worry about them right now. (Yep, I am already planning Sunday Sauce. Even got a schedule...)

Today I picked a quick and easy pasta dish I could toss together after work with little stress. This clam pasta can supposedly be made in the time it takes to cook the pasta.
That, of course, does not include shucking time. But you know what? There is no way in hell I am going to try shucking these suckers again, so I use the easy way out and steam them quickly in white wine until they juuuust relax and their shells open ever so slightly.

shucking made easy!

Works perfectly (and is not cheating as I used the clam shucking "variation" instructions in the book). Once the clams are free of their shells, I drop the pasta and start the sauce. First saute chopped garlic in olive oil a few minutes. Then add red pepper flakes and the cleaned clams, with juices. That simmers a few minutes, just waiting for the pasta to be al dente. Doesn't look like much... but I promise it packs a punch!

simmering clam sauce

Drain the pasta and smother it with rich, garlicky clam sauce. A sprinkle of parsley and black pepper and we are ready to go!


bursting with clams!

My first thought as I have my very first taste is, "a little dry". But then I bite a clam and it instantly transforms into just about the best bite ever! Not dry. In fact the complete opposite. I appreciate the lack of sauce because then the little clams are front and center. Hmm... why does it taste cheesy? I don't quite understand, but I love it!

Hot damn! F'ing good clam... pasta.

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