DECEMBER 26 2011

The hardest part about making lasagne is being patient enough to let it rest so it will slice into nice, clean wedges. Just a warning... that did not happen today. Please do not judge the flavor based on the final photo which, admittedly, looks like a hot mess.

Really, I shouldn't have been so impatient to slice it because everything came together really quickly. I had meatballs and sauce reserved in the freezer and cooked up the sweet Italian sausages a few hours ago. So all I had to do for dinner was assemble and bake.

meatballs and sweet Italian sausages

I did deviate from the recipe in that I used no-boil lasagne noodles (so sue me!). Layer the noodles with sauce, black pepper, chopped meat, ricotta, grated pecorino and fresh mozzarella. Then bake 30 minutes. Yum!

finished lasagne

Not being too familiar with no-boil noodles, I was a bit concerned they wouldn't cook correctly. But all seemed to come out fine. Except then I only let it sit three minutes before slicing because I was hungry and impatient. So what if it looks like lasagne stew... I promise it tastes really, really good!

lasagne stew... yum!

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