NOVEMBER 11 2011 (11/11/11!)

So it's 7am on my day off and I'm out of bed and roasting brussels sprouts. Pooches looks at me from his crate wondering what on earth I am doing. Well, doggy, for your information, daylight savings has my inner clock all f'ed up so I can't sleep and I'm starving and I've got brussels sprout hash on the brain. So that's what I'm doing! But then again, I also did an Exercise TV workout while the sprouts were roasting, stuck my immersion blender in my cup of morning joe cause I wanted it frothy (bad idea.. coffee everywhere) and asked for a raise at work... so maybe the full moon is making me a little nutzo.

Anyway... back to the sprouts.
I had cleaned and halved them the night before, so all of the prep work was already done. This morning, I simply tossed them with a glug of olive oil, salt and white pepper then arranged them, cut side down, on a baking sheet. After 25 minutes at 350ยบ, they were lookin' good!

before                            :                               after

Once they had cooled slightly, I munched on a couple. Not too shabby :) Tender, but with a little crunch. Crispy edges, browned on the bottom. Frankly, I prefer the "as hot as possible for as little time as possible" method for brussels sprouts, but these were still quite nice. Nothing fancy.

crispy and browned... yummmm.

But my real goal for filling the house with a pungent cabbage aroma at the crack of dawn was a big plate of brussels sprout hash, topped with a poached egg. This is not a Frankies recipe, but I thought you would want to see what all the fuss was about :)

mustardy brussels sprout hash topped with a poached egg

With the sprouts checked off, I now have my first completed chapter.

Vegetable Antipasti = DONE!

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