NOVEMBER 19 2011

It's probably so predictable that once I spend most of the afternoon baking a big dish of eggplant marinara from page 137, I will then take the leftovers and make the eggplant marinara sandwiches on page 58. Duh! Especially since there were only two of us taking on 6 huge servings so we had tons of leftovers.

Per my amazing plan, after watching multiple hours of football (the Beavs actually won!), I refueled us with a couple big, hot, delicious sandwiches. So easy too! Just chop up a cup of marinara per sandwich and warm it in a skillet. Once it's "too hot to the touch", it's heaped onto the ciabatta rolls and the whole hot mess is covered with a thick topping of fresh mozzarella. That's it. Eat it!

I must say, this eggplant marinara can do no wrong. Hot, cold, re-heated the next day and stuffed into ciabatta rolls, it is always a little bit mind blowing.

eggplant marinara sloppy joe

The Frankies call these "sandwiches", but I would put them into the sloppy joes category as they are seriously messy and require a knife and fork to eat. But still so, so good.

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