JULY 13 2011

You know what I love? Caesar salad!! I was excited to make this one not only because I knew it would be delicious, but also because it was dead easy. Blend together the dressing, toss with romaine hearts and sprinkle with cheese & black pepper. Bam! Done!

So I collected all the dressing ingredients and the lettuce and got to work. Put everything except the lettuce, 1/3 of the cheese and the black pepper into a blender. Puree until smooth. Nice.

Now time to assemble.
As far as I can tell, the recipe wants me to keep the leaves whole. But, I am going to re-interpret that because there's no way the folks at a BBQ are going to sit down with a knife and fork to eat their salad. I don't feel like I'm breaking any rules because they don't actually say to keep them whole. There's just no mention of tearing or chopping the leaves. But seriously! Does this look easy to eat?!?

Salad assembled. Time to devour! Yesssss! So salty and rich with a hit of anchovy. Maybe a little less dressing : lettuce. And I will probably sub plain yogurt for some of the mayo next time and toss on a few croutons... but everyone agrees that this is a keeper!

Delish with my burger!

note: it is true that I did not use Hellman's brand mayo as specifically called for in the recipe. I did set a rule not to substitute ingredients, but I draw the line at having to use a specific brand. I know, I know... this is one brand they really do rave about, but I am not a mayo eater and I refuse to purchase a whole new jar when I have one in the fridge that is perfectly fine.


  1. I wonder what is so special about that mayo??

  2. Apparently it's "just one of those unique American ingredients that is irreplaceable in many recipes... it has a specific, unique, and (we think) excellent flavor".

    Bah! It's just mayo... IMHO


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