NOVEMBER 01 2012


Here is a really simple and quite tasty recipe that works great as a side dish, as I did today, or could be a main meal over rice. I used it to complement some green chicken marsala with garden-fresh potato. In fact, along with the potato in the marsala, the carrot and chard from the sauté were also from the garden (yay!).

Luckily I had some cooked chickpeas stashed in the freezer so I didn't have to a: deal with that step or b: used canned chickpeas. Plus, I've been trying to make myself use stuff from the freezer because I have trouble throwing anything away and so the freezer is nearly overflowing.

beautiful rainbow chard

Mr. O wants me to blanch the chard stems and leaves then let cool and roughly chop. Sorry but I'm gonna chop them first then blanch. Seems way easier! So the sliced stems go in first for 3 minutes then in goes the leaves for an additional 2 minutes.

Meanwhile I start sautéing the cubed carrots with caraway seeds. Dang, I'm still getting hang of this new stove so my carrots are way to hot and my stupid rice is barely even cooking. Grrr...

garden carrots!

After 5 minutes, the softened chard goes into the pan with the carrots for another 6 minutes to finish cooking. Finally, off the heat, I add the garlic, herbs, lemon juice, salt and pepper. That's it! Done!

Once the rice is finally done and the marsala is ready, I stir together Greek yogurt and olive oil to dollop on the chickpea mix. Let's eat! The sauté is really tasty and nicely complements the spices in the marsala. I wouldn't mind a little heat with the chickpeas so next time might toss in a diced chili. But, being so simple and flavorful, I am quite happy.

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