Delia Smith's Winter Collection
FEBRUARY 14 2012


There's nothing much to say about this very simple dessert, except... it may have just revolutionized breakfast and reminded me exactly why I'm doing this project. Yep, that's all :)

Seems like the perfect quick, weeknight dessert. All I gotta do is make little butter and marmalade sandwiches. Then quarter them, stack them in a baking dish with squares of candied orange peel and fresh orange zest and cover with a quick custard that bakes into fluffy, creaminess.

spread butter and Seville orange marmalade on ciabatta slices

whisking the custard

candied orange peel and orange zest

sprinkled with sugar and ready for the oven

Easy, peasy and it comes out fabulous! The exposed tops of the bread crunch, providing perfect contrast to the custard-soaked layers underneath. A subtle orange perfume enhances each bite and even I am liking this one. Yum!

yummy doused in "pouring cream"... although crème fraîche would give it nice tang

So how does this translate to a whole new brunch revolution? Well... I'm eating this admittedly yummy, orangey, creamy dessert and suddenly I'm daydreaming of little ham, Gruyere and mustard sandwiches, sprinkled with herbs and baked in the yummy custard. Or... zucchini and sun-dried tomato sandwiches topped with a healthy layer of feta and immersed in the custardy goodness. And it's so easy! Any sandwich you want... reuben? Turkey/bacon/swiss? Peanut butter and jelly?!? It just kinda blew my mind.

And all from a dessert, which I probably would never have made without this project.


Is there anyone, anywhere who doesn't like bread and butter pudding? If you're a devoted fan, then this is bread and butter pudding as you've always known it, but with the added extra of Seville orange marmalade, chunky candied peel and grated orange zest – a delightfully different combination, which produces another winning version of an old-time favourite. Bread and butter pudding is served a lot in restaurants nowadays, but none is as good as the home-made version, which, for me, has to have a crunchy top to contrast with a soft fluffiness inside.

Serves 4 - 6

2 rounded tablespoons dark chunky orange marmalade
6 slices white bread, from a good-quality large loaf, ½ inch thick with crusts left on
2 oz softened butter
10 fl oz whole milk
2½ fl oz double cream
3 large eggs
3 oz sugar
Grated zest 1 large orange
1 level tablespoon demerara sugar
1 oz candied orange peel, finely chopped
To serve:
Crème fraîche or chilled pouring cream


Pre-heat the oven to 350ºF.

First, generously butter the slices of bread on one side, then spread the marmalade on 3 of these slices, and put the other 3 slices on top (buttered side down) so you've got 3 rounds of sandwiches. Now spread some butter over the top slice of each sandwich and cut each one into quarters to make little triangles or squares.

Then arrange the sandwiches, butter side up, overlapping each other in the baking dish and standing almost upright. After that, whisk the milk, cream, eggs and sugar together and pour this all over the bread. Scatter the surface of the bread with the grated orange zest, demerara sugar and candied peel, then place the pudding on a high shelf and bake it for 35-40 minutes until it's puffy and golden and the top crust is crunchy.

Serve the pudding straight from the oven while it's still puffy, with either crème fraîche or chilled pouring cream.

This recipe is taken from Delia Smith’s Winter Collection.

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