These are the best sloppy joes you have ever had. Sweet italian sausage simmered in THE tomato sauce, tossed with roasted bell peppers and sauteed onion and served with grilled bread. So, so good!

First, flame-broil™ a couple red and yellow bell peppers until blackened, let cool then peel and thickly slice.

flame-broiled™ bell peppers

Meanwhile, saute white onion until softened and lightly brown. Really, there can be no doubt that the aroma of sauteing onion is the best thing ever!

sauteing onions... drool!

WARNING: since today was a scorcher, I am cooking everything outside on the grill's burner. But it's getting dark and, despite an improvised lighting solution, the quality of my photos goes downhill fast from this point.

Remove the onions from the pan and saute sweet Italian sausage until just browned. The Frankies encourage seeking out real Italian sausages that are fermented to add a "funky, old-world tang" and removing it from the casing. I willingly admit that I made absolutely no attempt to find such "real" sausages. Instead, I purchased bulk sweet Italian sausage from New Seasons and have zero regrets.

Once the sausage is browned, add 2 cups of THE tomato sauce, which had been waiting in the freezer for this very recipe, and simmer 15 - 30 minutes. I didn't really time it (thanks gin & tonics!) but think it went about 20 minutes. Then the roasted peppers and sauteed onions are tossed in to heat through. Done! Let's eat! The recipes says to serve the sausage mixture hot, with slices of grilled bread. Luckily, I had enough composure during meal prep to lightly grill some ciabatta slices until just crispy.

My first instinct is to ladle the sausage-goodness over the top of a bread slice and eat it like a sloppy joes... but these are wayyyy better than any sloppy joe I've ever had. The sauce is so rich with sausage drippings and the luscious sauteed onions. YUM! For my second serving, I use the bread more as a utensil to help convey delicious bites to my mouth. This is definitely a better method as the first approach was pretty messy.

everyone dish up!

Served with a fresh tomato, cucumber and parsley salad to counterbalance the richness, this meal is fantastic. My plate, photographed using my phone in the mostly-dark, just doesn't do it justice.

best sloppy joe evar!

As darkness fell, the blood-red harvest moon rose over the horizon, colored so because of the forest fires to the east of us. A lovely end to a hot, hot September day.

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